Here Are Some Client Testimonials


David with Terminus Web Group

I just read Dr. Sinclair's book, The ABC's of Making Business Networking Work For You. I am putting his book into my computer bag with my other important tools because it has earned its place among them. If someone has a small business and wants to build it with a good client base-forming foundation, or if someone meets a medium to high number of people as a regular part of their work, I can recommend this book to them without any reservation or hesitation.   

Shirley with Accomplished Financial

When I requested to work with Dr. Grey for my Network Marketing Business, BEST decision ever!  Dr. Grey held me accountable for my actions. It’s so amazing what a one on one intense coaching can produce. You can’t hide, you’re vulnerable but yet open to receive. The greatest part is releasing all those struggles without judgement.

Jason with Rush Tech Solutions

I first met Dr. Grey at a small monthly networking group meetup. At the very next meeting I had the pleasure of hearing him speak on overcoming barriers while networking. It resonated with me because some of the things that he touched on were familiar to me during the time while trying to grow my business. I learned a lot of things the hard way, and being in the IT industry a lot of techs, me included, are naturally introverted. I have since challenged myself and have overcome a lot of those fears associated with trying to be an introvert business owner, but hearing Dr. Grey reiterate what is needed in order to succeed put fuel to the fire in my passion for my business and to keep going. I highly recommend Dr. Grey and his coaching services for anyone who is just starting out as an entrepreneur or even a veteran. His message and services will be of great help and inspiration.